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Employee Engagement

Our strategy of using food programs to increase workplace engagement is not only too nourish but also to use food as a way for people to connect with each other and their company culture. Our focus is to increase, engagement, using food as a way to provide multiple, very unique experiences at the workplace.

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Sustainable Sourcing

Sustainability is the foundation of future growth and we aim to lead our industry by example. We contribute to sustainable development around three thematic areas:

  • People: Promoting safe working conditions and human rights

  • Planet: Reducing our impact on environment and climate

  • Profit: Complying with sound business standards

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Health & Performance

Investing in wellness is a win-win for everyone. We make it easy to encourage smart choices that help employees meet their health goals while improving their focus and productivity.

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Tech Solutions

Our clients continuously turn to us for ways to strengthen the engagement of their cafe environments while ensuring the health and well-being of their employees and guests. At Picasso, we understand this need and are dedicated to proactively searching for inventive ways to serve our customers, provide opportunities for our associates, and grow our business.

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Responsible business practices drive everything we do. We’re dedicated to responsible sourcing and business practices, including:

  • Eggs & Pork: Cage-free eggs, and pork from producers that eliminate gestation crates where possible.

  • Fresh produce: Local and seasonal whenever possible, from farmers who meet guidelines for agricultural sustainability and fair labor standards.

  • Seafood: Wild and farmed fish and shellfish that meet SeafoodWatch’s recommendations, and nothing with high risk of methylmercury contamination.

  • Meat & Diary: Products from farmers committed to minimal use of antibiotics in their livestock.

  • Tropical Products: Producers transparent about their agricultural practices, with no forced labor in supply chains.

How We Work

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