Why Picasso Restaurant Group?

Representing your company in a positive light

PRG understands that servicing your account is a huge responsibility. Representing your company in a positive light and exceeding your expectations is our top priority. Our overall goal for any venue is to create an innovative and inviting space where both associates and guests can escape and relieve some of the pressures of the daily grind. Below are some of the value-added benefits you receive when you choose PRG.

Success begins with quality ingredients

PRG has always believed that great food begins with great ingredients. Purchasing high quality products from reputable sources has been a key ingredient to our success since we began. Over 60% of our offerings comes from local suppliers. We also are 100% clean; working only with foods that are cage fee, antibiotic free, dye free and that contain no artificial additives.

Locally grown

Being born and raised in Michigan, all of the corporate officers and management team have a deep and lasting connection with the state they all call home. This is important to note because with many other companies, proceeds travel out of state to be spent elsewhere. With PRG all funds stay and are spent within our own community.

Some other value added benefits that come with selecting a family owned, locally based company, are listed below:

  • Fewer corporate mandates allow for greater culinary creativity and more personalized service
  • Better financial offerings to our clients
  • Rapid adjustments to better service your company without having to go through time consuming corporate approvals
  • Employing exceptional staff with an extremely low turnover ratio
  • Extreme pride in our products and services

The greatest wealth is in good health

Picasso Restaurant Group currently works with the University of Michigan’s MHealthy team. In collaboration with U of M, PRG’s chefs are constantly creating healthy and exciting dishes to fit within MHealthy approved guidelines. By exploring new flavor combinations and utilizing natural herbs and spices, our team has been able to create great tasting dishes that also keep the customer’s well-being in mind.

Gains not losses

PRG has made its mark by turning previous subsidized and non-profitable operations into revenue streams for office buildings, schools and hospitals in the southeast Michigan area. To date, 100% of the locations that PRG has taken over, have had a substantial increase in sales and overall customer satisfaction.

What we do today, will affect all of our tomorrows

Being environmentally conscious is very important to our company. Here are some of the practices we set forth to help do our part.

  • Using only recycled, biodegradable and compostable disposable products
  • In the dining area, trash receptacles will be broken up into 5 separate compartments so that customers will easily be able to separate and pitch-in on our going green efforts.
  • Rewarding those who use reusable containers by offering monetary discounts
  • Setting forth any practices your company recommends to help further our efforts

For it is in our giving that we receive

We at Picasso Restaurant Group realize how fortunate we are to live and do business in the communities in which we reside. With this good fortune also comes the responsibility of giving back to those in the communities that have given to us; whether it comes in the form of education, donations, fundraising efforts, or lending a helping hand, PRG is committed to doing its part. It is one of our hopes that as our company continues to grow, so will the opportunities to help those who need it most.

Inclusion and diversity

The diversity of our people is part of what makes PRG exceptional. We recognize that each person has unique strengths and by embracing those strengths, we all deliver high performance—together. Inclusion and diversity are fundamentals to our culture and values at PRG. We believe that no one should be discriminated against because of age, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, religion, disability or sexual orientation. PRG also believes government laws, regulations and business practices should uphold the principles of diversity, inclusion and equality. Our family remains committed to an inclusive and diverse workplace—where people can feel comfortable, be themselves and, as a result, be productive.