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All Picasso Restaurant Group locations will be closed for the holidays this Thursday, November 25th & Friday, November 26th!

North Campus Research Complex

The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

2800 Plymouth Road, Building 18. Ann Arbor MI, 48109 - (734) 763-2252

Manager: Josh Frye

Come Visit Us

Monday - Thursday: 8:00am - 2:00pm

About the Cafe

Picasso happily joined the NCRC Community in 2015. NCRC is one of the nation’s premier research universities and strengthens its ability to stimulate new business through partnerships with businesses in the private sector. NCRC is made of 28 buildings comprising 2.1 million square feet of office, research, and manufacturing space. To go with NCRC’s innovative theme, Picasso unveiled some of its signature brands at this location. Incorporating its micro restaurant concept into the cafeteria. The idea is to change the cafeteria experience into a one-stop restaurant shop. With over 5 different stations guests can pick from an array of food offerings and enjoy plenty of seating to interact with co-workers.


Picasso is the preferred cater at NCRC, offering tiered catering services. From pick-up, platters to drop-off lunches. Picasso also caters breakfast, lunch, and dinner events for 10 guests to 1000. NCRC offers different spaces that are available for events and Picasso can plan your entire event from table placement, rentals to food, and beverage.

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