Local Ingredients & Partnerships


Success begins with quality ingredients

PRG has always believed that great food begins with great ingredients. Purchasing high-quality products from reputable sources have been a key ingredient to our success since we began. Over 60% of our offerings come from local suppliers. We also are 100% clean; working only with foods that are cage fee, antibiotic-free, dye-free and that contain no artificial additives.

Locally Grown

Being born and raised in Michigan, all the corporate officers and management team have a deep and lasting connection with the state they all call home. This is important to note because, with many other companies, proceeds travel out of state to be spent elsewhere. With PRG all funds stay and are spent within our own community.

Some other value-added benefits that come with selecting a family-owned, locally based company, are listed below:

  • Fewer corporate mandates allow for greater culinary creativity and more personalized service
  • Better financial offerings to our clients
  • Rapid adjustments to better serve your company without having to go through time-consuming corporate approvals
  • Employing exceptional staff with an extremely low turnover ratio
  • Extreme pride in our products and services

Local Partnerships