Food for all

The Greatest Wealth is in Good Health

Picasso Restaurant Group currently works with the University of Michigan’s MHealthy team. In collaboration with U of M, PRG’s chefs are constantly creating healthy and exciting dishes to fit within MHealthy approved guidelines. By exploring new flavor combinations and utilizing natural herbs and spices, our team has been able to create great tasting dishes that also keep the customer’s well-being in mind.

Grass-Fed Beef

Grass-fed is a term used for beef. It means that the cows are exclusively fed grass, hay, and forage. This is a good thing because that is what cows naturally eat for their diet and usually means that they have more room to roam around and forage. In big giant cow lots, cows are usually given grains and corn because it is cheap. In this case, they are usually packed really closely together as well and do not have room to move around, which usually leads to sicker cows. This leads to the use of antibiotics and hormones. The grains that the cows are fed usually have pesticides too. Do you see where I’m going with this? Not good. Grass-fed does not mean organic, and organic does not mean grass-fed: when buying beef, make sure it is grass-fed AND organic.

Free-Range Chicken