Our team of innovative associates and artistic award-winning chefs create events that leave lasting impressions. From corporate meetings to upscale Gala’s, our team of professionals is dedicated to servicing you and your guests.

Let our Catering specialists design the perfect event that fits all of your specific needs and budget. We can provide trained and knowledgeable staffing to ensure that every last detail is taken care of. We strive for excellence and exceed expectations while providing the personal touch you can only receive from a family-owned and operated business.

Our award-winning team of chefs is continuously working to create healthy menu offerings that adhere to MHealthy guidelines. Our one of a kind creations are not only palette-pleasing but also help individuals make healthier dining decisions.

Look for the MHealthy logo!

Nina Brinker

Executive Vice President


Josh Frye

Manager of E.B.A. Café


Will Slocum

Manager of Flint UCEN Café


Jacob D’Angelo

Manager of Picasso Deli


Picasso Restaurant Groups Touchless Catering

Picasso can provide an array of events with different options that best suit your needs and guest’s wellbeing. From full lunch/dinner drop-offs with re-heat instructions to individual boxed lunches, Picasso can make your event easier and safer on you.

A Snapshot of what is happening at Picasso Restaurant Group Cafes:

Contactless Delivery & Mindful Packaging-All deliveries are available now contactless –When requested delivery drivers will only leave your meal at your front door, front desk, or the location of your choice, and you’ll receive a text message or phone call when it arrives.

Enhanced cleaning & sanitization procedures:

We continue to follow enhanced protocols for cleaning and sanitizing, including cleaning more frequently and adding additional cleanings with peroxide solution in high-touchpoint locations.


We have designed further protections for our associates at all customer guest points in stores. From Grill area coverage to cashier areas.

Associate Safety and Use of Masks:

In accordance with CDC guidelines, all associates must wear a disposable mask, a reusable mask, or their own masks or face coverings. We have provided all of our associates with reusable masks and have also sourced non-medical grade disposable masks. We will continue to evolve our approach based on guidance from health experts and availability of supply in the system.

Associate Wellness Checks:

We are assessing associates’ wellness at the start of every shift. We have ordered thermometers and require daily wellness logs at the start of each shift as soon as they arrive. We have also implemented a full workforce protection plan that includes all vendors that come in contact with our locations. With our partnership with the University of Michigan Medicine, we are upholding the safest precautions to ensure food service is at its best.


For more information about an event, you are planning please reach out to us info@prgmichigan.com


We are here with you,


Nina Brinker

Executive Vice President

Picasso Restaurant Group